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Advantages of using Modems in Computer


Advantages of using Modems in Computer

There are numerous advantages of a VERIZON FIOS APPROVED MODEMS unit over separate units: The router and modem combo unit handles both tasks of hosting your home network and connecting to your Internet service, streamlines the setup process, is easier to store, has no compatibility problems, and is easier to configure. The combo unit is ideal for people who have space and setup complexity apprehensions.

Single Device

Because it’s a single unit, a XFINITY APPROVED MODEMS with a built-in router is more space effective and easier to store than two individual devices. If you’re pressed for space, the combo can come in nearby. The single unit condenses the total number of cables you essential to use to setup your network and connect to the Internet. Separate modems and routers essential to communicate with each other to work, usually through an Ethernet cable: the combo unit doesn’t need this cable.


Help to Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting a modem and router combo device when the Internet is not working is an easier procedure than when working with individual units. Typically, when troubleshooting you will reset the modem and router exclusively and wait for them to individually reboot, regain the signal and interface with each other. Furthermore, if you have to do a factory reset to fix either device, the combo unit’s faster setup time will get you back up and running more speedily.

Combo Downsides

The combo unit has some disadvantages related to separate units. If the modem or router stops functioning in the combo unit the entire unit desires to be replaced. Moreover, if you change your service, from DSL to cable, for example, you will essential to change your unit as well. An individual router will work with either, but the modem will continuously have to be replaced. Moreover, the individual devices aren’t contingent on each other for upgrades. If your ISP drops backing for the combo device’s DOCSIS standard you will have to replace the more expensive combo device instead of one less expensive device.

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