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Great methods to Prepare for The Next Hurricane


Great methods to Prepare for The Next Hurricane

The start of hurricane season is the perfect time to prepare your home and business for the arrival of the next hurricane. Not every county will see another Hurricane Katrina, but it is important to be prepared in the event of a dire emergency that leaves entire cities and counties without electricity, food, or running water.


Finding Shelter

Not every home or business has an area that can be used as a Hurricane shelters that is strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds. The first thing you should do if your home is not a suitable shelter is to locate the closest place that you can take your family or employees when there is a hurricane warning.

Some homes already have a storm cellar and some businesses can provide immediate Hurricane shelters for employees below the building. If you are able to provide shelter for others, having that shelter ready with food, water and a power source is your first priority.

Stocking Up on Food and Water

It is a good idea to stock up on extra food and water during hurricane season. The best food to have on hand is food that does not require cooking and is non-perishable.

Providing Power

For hospitals, storm shelters, emergency broadcast centers and other important facilities that must remain operational, having a reliable back up power source is vital. When hurricanes hit and cut the main source of electricity from reaching homes and businesses, chaos can ensue. Without power, emergency establishments would not be able to supply citizens with help or shelter during times of emergency.

Bolt Together Shelters DYI and Emergency power systems, or backup generators that supply basic power needs like emergency lighting to buildings during times of emergency require high-powered engines to operate at full capacity.

An inexpensive generator with a used CAT engine helps to ensure the continued operation of important establishments. If an emergency broadcast system is still able to transmit by using backup generators to power transmission equipment, broadcasters can report important information like emergency contact numbers, the location of nearby shelters, and the predicted time and date of the storm’s passing. Furthermore, if a used CAT engine powers the generator supplying power to a shelter, the occupants will not have to sit in the dark and wait for news of help and rescue.

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