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Why do you need to wear compression socks?


Why do you need to wear compression socks?

Though most people who know the benefits of compression socks for venous disorders and varicose veins, there are a few who may not know. However, the truth is that nearly anyone can benefit from wearing compression socks daily. These socks can be beneficial especially for all those people who stand or sit for extended hours during their regular routines. So if you are a healthcare worker, waitress, traveller, salesman, store clerks, or a construction worker, you can largely benefit from wearing over the knee compression socks.

Compression socks for travel

Benefits of wearing compression socks

  • When you start wearing compression socks on a daily basis, you will soon stop experiencing those leg aches which popup at the end of a tiring long day. The compression action offered by these compression socks will gently massage your leg muscles throughout the day, even when you are sitting or standing. This graduated compression aids blood circulation back to your heart from your legs. As such, the socks prevent the venous blood circulating in your leg to become sluggish which in turn causes leg aches or even other major venous conditions.
  • If you sit or stand for extended period of time regularly, you will soon also start experiencing swelling in your ankle and feet. Ccompression socks can help prevent such kind of swelling if you start wearing them on a regular basis.
  • People who often have to travel regularly have to sit for a long time during their travel hours. This holds not just on trains, cars or aircraft but also other modes of transportation as well. As the legs remain motionless for extended hours during travelling, there is no proper blood flow which may cause swelling or achy feeling in the legs. This is why people should wear compression socks for travel to avoid these conditions from happening.

Compression socks are not just great for preventing varicose veins but are also a great medium to improve overall leg health.

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