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Skin clinic and dermatologist in Karachi


Skin clinic and dermatologist in Karachi

In today’s scenario, 8 out of 10 people are facing some kind of skin diseases, and many of you are having some birthmarks and tattoos on their bodies which you don’t like or want to remove. Skin diseases are becoming common now a day for which most populated areas of the world are being affected; it’s increasing such a way that it has become the 4th leading cause of nonfatal disease burden worldwide. This disease is often having a severe systemic illness such as HIV, NTD, elephantiasis and other lymphedema causing disease. Skin disease can be cured if it is being treated well at the time and by the correct doctor. Doctors who treat this skin are known as Dermatologists.


Best Dermatologist in Karachi


Types of disease treated

• Psoriasis.

• Vitiligo.

• Fungus.

• Skin cancer.

• Telangiectasia.

• Eczema.

• Alopecia.

• Herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases.

• Hormonal problems.

• Hyperhidrosis-excessive sweating.

• Corns and callouses.

• Ingrown nails and hair.

• Spider Veins.

• Acne Vulgaris.

Types of skin treatment

• Microdermabrasion – To remove age spot and light acne scars.

• Chemical Peels – To correct skin irregularities, such as fine lines, color, spots caused by sun damage.

• Laser Resurfacing – To remove the outer layer of the skin that is damaged.

• Laser Skin Rejuvenation – Advance wrinkle removal process.

• Acne Blue Light Therapy – Removes bacteria causing acne.

• Thermage – To tighten and improve the contours of the face and neck.

Skin disease now will not be an issue to you as there are appropriate treatments for them. So you can now treat your aging, rashes, fungal infection, fine lines, color spots tattoos, birthmarks, etc.  What you need to do is, don’t wait for it to increase nor treat it by yourself, but you can visit the best skin clinic in Karachi having the best dermatologist in Karachi get consulted with them on time, you can also book an appointment of dermatologist online or by the call.

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