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Long Travel with Compression Socks


Long Travel with Compression Socks

compression socks for travel

There can’t be much movement on long travels. Be it on a long-haul plane ride, train rides or even the long drives in a car. While seated on an airplane there are restrictions on movements and that may compress the blood vessels in your limbs, behind your knees and also at hips. The idea of wearing a comfortable pair of compression socks for travel is that it will help in the circulation of the blood back to the heart from your limbs. This can reduce swelling in feet and possibly lower the risk of blood clots also known as deep vein thrombosis(DVT).

While seated for long periods of time, gravity pulls your blood down into the extremities, making it challenging for that blood to return to the heart for re-oxygenation. So, wearing a pair of over the knee compression socks is believed to help overcome the gravity’s pull and make it easier for the blood to flow up to the heart from legs and feet.

When the blood keeps moving, it will be harder for it to pool in the veins or make a clot. If clots are formed, then there are the possibilities of it to travel with the blood and get stuck in the arteries or the lungs. Clots can also restrict the easy blood flow, and cause swelling, discoloured skin, and other similar problems while on a long flight travel.

The over the knee compression socks fit will put pressure on veins, leg muscles, arteries and tissues to aid the traveling of blood back to the heart when seated still for a long time. Compression stockings help veins work by putting mild pressure on legs to decrease the swelling. The special knit of a compression stocking massages the veins so that they will keep the blood flowing back to the heart.

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