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Compression Socks


Compression Socks

Compression garments, like stockings and socks, are designed to help improve blood flow and avoid swelling primarily in the legs and calf muscles. It gives low compression and reduces the risk of blood clots.

full leg compression socks

The athletes and sportsperson started to wear the full leg compression socks hoping to benefit their performance. Wearing them during exercise was believed to aid performance, increase oxygen level delivery to the muscles and improve blood flow, and thereby reduce stress to the muscles. It is also believed to prevent the damage of soft tissues such as shin splints. Some athletes feel that the added compression around the calves and ankles aids proprioception and helps to improve balance. Some even believe that it improves venous blood flow, and the added calf muscle compression will result in better endurance and running times. There are not many kinds of research that show any significant benefit of wearing the compression socks for sports events, but many athletes would want to believe that it helps in speedy recovery in the events of injuries.

The compression level in the garment is very important before you choose your compression socks or stockings. Graduated compression is recommended for complete benefits. The full leg compression socks should ideally be tighter at the ankle and have decreased compression towards the knee. The compression level is measured in mmHg, this is the same unit used to measure the blood pressure. The compression measure is indicated on the pack ranging from 8mm Hg (mild compression) to around 40 mm Hg (severe compression). Choose the compression level according to your physical needs (for athletic purposes) or on the recommendation of a doctor in case of medical purposes.

How to buy Athletic Compression Socks?

Before buy athletic compression socks, consider the following:

  • Measure your calf and ankle circumference and the calf length accurately.
  • The ankle circumference must be measured at its narrowest part and the calf at its fullest. The calf length is the measure from heel to the back of your knee bend.
  • Different brands have different styles and sizes, but you should choose what fits you best.

Choose the correct compression pressure for your needs by following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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