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Why are Compression Knee-high Socks Necessary?


Why are Compression Knee-high Socks Necessary?

compression knee-high socks

The compression knee-high socks are not only used to help increase blood circulation, but also to reduce pain and help to prevent certain medical problems when travelling or just running around on your feet. They also can aid to the treatment for leg swells, leg ulcers and varicose veins conditions.

For some people, the benefit of wearing the compression knee-high socks is to solve certain leg problems or who are at high risk for blood clots in the legs like deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Reasons might be different for different people. There are many reasons that can increase the risk of clots and ankle swelling. The reasons may include sedentary rest periods after any surgery, being seated for long periods of time, pregnancy, if there is a family history of DVT, and certain genetic clotting disorders.

Unlike the traditional medical dressings, the athletic compression socks give ample compression to create significant pressure on the ankles, legs and feet. The best athletic compression socks are tightest at the ankles and gradually decrease the compression toward the knees and thighs. By applying pressure on the surface arteries, veins and muscles, the blood circulation is forced through the narrower channels. As a result, the increased pressure causes more blood to return to the heart for re-oxygenation and less blood to pool at the feet.

Typically, the compression socks are safe to wear and result in few or no complications, only if the user is aware of the right method to wear them. One must take care in sliding it smoothly against the leg and without any folds.

What are the factors to look for to buy the best athletic compression socks?

  • The material quality of the socks matter. Choose one that is comfortable for you.
  • There are different styles of socks available, ranging from knee-high to no show and the in between styles.
  • There are different Compression Levels available. Choose one depending on the pressure you want on your ankle or according to the doctor’s recommendation.
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