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Why the demand of multicultural education is increasing across the globe?


Why the demand of multicultural education is increasing across the globe?

Education and culture are connected intrinsically, as culture shapes education and vice-versa. So, schools nowadays are promoting culture-based education. Through multicultural education, different cultures are promoted worldwide. In the multicultural education system, there are resources involved that ensure cultural identity.

French School Chicago

In those education systems, students develop a strong sense of cultural identity. However, focusing on the perfect amalgamation of culture and education, education systems incorporate different cultural contents and materials into the curriculum. As a result of which, students not only learn about their own culture but also get an idea about diverse society across the world. You can find French School Chicago, which has a culture-based curriculum in the education system. Multicultural education curriculum development is focused on two things, such as relevance and representation.


Educating children art initial stage is all about making the study interesting for the students. There may be a group of ethnically diverse children in the school, who doesn’t feel comfortable with the mainstream education of a single language or culture. In that case, cultural relevance is the critical factor that can drive those culturally diverse students towards the education system. The responsiveness is boosted by the incorporation of culturally relevant contents in the education system. It is easier for both the educator and student to establish an educational relevance in the system.


The curriculum designers in the education system always focus on promoting harmony in society through education. School curriculums include equal representation of diversity in multicultural schools. They educate the students’ art and culture of different countries in one school. So, the students can be aware of the relevance of different cultures along with their learning. For instance, a French School in Chicago is educating the students in both American and French language.The multicultural education system is significant in developing the artistic ability of the students. However, it is also helpful for immigrants in the country.

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