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How are brushes manufactured?


How are brushes manufactured?

Carbon brushes are the small block of carbon that transfers the high voltage current from the secondary coil circuit to the distributor. It is a sliding contact used to transmit electrical current from a static to a rotating part in a generator or a motor. The DC machine is regarded to ensure a spark-free commutation and helps to conduct the electricity between the moving parts of the motors.The DC motor serves an important role in ensuring the efficient performance and proper functioning of the motor. It includes alternators, electric generators, and electric motors.

Carbon Brushes

The Manufacturing process of carbon brushes

  • Mixing components –

The Graphite or the carbon powder are most commonly used to manufacture the brushes, and the composition of the brush depends on the application. For better conduction, copper is used, and to maximize green strength and electrical conductivity. Solid lubricants and metal powder are included.

  • Compacting the mixture –

In the next process, the copper wire is inserted automatically through a hole in the upper punch and fixed into the press’s brush. The powder blocks the pressed brush pressed around. The tamping operation is done using an electrolytic copper powder that is coated with silver for some of the high performed applications.

  • Firing of green brushes –

The third step is heat treatment. Under an artificial atmosphere, the heat treatment is given to the green brush. This process is also called as sintering or baking used to burn off or carbonize to form a crystalline structure between carbon and copper.

  • Secondary operations –

This is an additional step in the making of Evolution Brushes to make the brush more durable by impregnation on the running surface with oils, grease, and resins.The function of the electric motor and generators is that the rotor must be connected to complete an electric circuit.

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