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A comprehensive guide for students looking for bilingual schools in North America


A comprehensive guide for students looking for bilingual schools in North America

The popularity of bilingual schools is increasing through the growing popularity of bilingual education programs. People in search of the best bilingual schools near me should take French American International School into account. Here one can expect the best class education standard.

French School in North America

The course curriculum is taught both in the international English language, as well as in French. This makes the learning process effective. Moreover, it meets the excellence level of high-end American education. Upon taking a look at the testimonies, it can be evident that many students and parents as well are quite satisfied with the level of study these institutions provide.

What makes schools under AFSA crucial?

While looking for French schools in North America, one must know about the Association of French School in North America, also called AFSA. This is primarily a membership organization of basic and secondary institutions in the US, as well as Canada. The best part about each of the French School in North America is that these are all acknowledged by the French Ministry of National Education.

The authorized French study program taught over here reflects the high-end North American tradition and academic practices. Specifically, people searching for the best bilingual schools near me being in North America can indeed find it incredible. It is here to note that there are fifty schools under AFSA. These schools are established in various parts of the United States and Canada.

However, the number of subjects taught in English often differs from institutions to institutions and by the grades. One of the biggest advantages of the schools under AFSA is that they guide the students for the entrance examinations of top universities in Europe and North America. This is the reason that attracts students from around the globe towards these institutions.

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