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French School Chicago- A stronger base for a better future


French School Chicago- A stronger base for a better future

French School Chicago is said to have strong in theory that prepares students for their careers in post-graduation. The school is divided into four parts, that is pre-elementary school, elementary school, middle school, high school. Pre-elementary education is for the students who are between three to five years. The main goal and aim of pre-elementary school are to create a desire in the children so that they could come to school and learn. Pre-elementary school also helps to create confidence and helps children to explore their personalities.


French school in chicago


The second stage for the children in a French school in Chicago is the elementary education that includes the grades between one to five. Here children are taught to interact with each other in specific languages and to ask questions. It is the time where a child builds a stronger foundation for their future career. The third stage is a middle school that includes grades from six to eight. In this stage, the children are challenged and encouraged to explore and to demonstrate knowledge, art, solve problems, and analyze information. Students are also taught the value of time and how to manage the time.

The last stage in a French school, Chicago, is the high school that includes grades from nine to twelve. Here children come across different challenges and are also rewarded so that they could stand out of the crowd. To uncover their interest, students are challenged through different activates like curriculum, assessments, learning style, and many more.

Key skills that children acquire through French School in Chicago

School is said to be the foundation for the future career in children’s lives; it is also the second home where children almost spend more than fifty percent of the day. They learn many things in school like adaptability to any changes, curiosity to learn, confidence to face any situation, responsibility, and a positive mindset to tackle any situation.

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