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What are notary services and its types?


What are notary services and its types?

As you must know that notary is an authorized person that performs acts under legal affairs. The primary purpose of the Notary public is that it particularly witnesses signature on documents. Notaries public are mainly appointed by the state government so that they could assure that a document is authentic and could be trusted. You may find many Notary services by searching Notary near me online. In the current world, you will be able to see that every place an authorized signature is required. Some of the essential places where notary plays a vital role are while authorizing business deals, banking transactions, insurance papers, and many more.

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Four Different types of notary services:

There are different types of notary services in orange country which are popular to verify the copies of IDs, passports, and other essential documents. The primary purposes of the notary are notarization of legal documents. Some of the best and the popular types of the notary are mentioned below:-

Signature witnessing

The most common type of notary service is the Signature witnessing in this process. The notary verifies the documents presented by the person, and after verification, they put the notary verification stamp. 


Jurats are the combination of signature witnessing, oaths, and affirmation. In this, the notary verifies the documents and swears an oath that the information in the document is true and accurate.

Copy certification

The copy certification is an effective type of notary that verifies any copy of the official government document.

Oaths and affirmation

The Oaths and affirmation notary is mainly for the wedding, where the authorized signature is legally stating that the intentions are true and honorable. 

All the points that are mentioned above are the popular types of notary services. With the help of the notary services, you could be assured the success, and the process is also simple. 

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