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A Brief on Bullet Proof Doors


A Brief on Bullet Proof Doors

Many commercial residences have the standard choice of having a bullet proof door, which is the most preferred in hospitals and institutions. It ensures safety in such areas, especially in high crime areas. These doors are made to resist a wide range of bullet calibers. The Bullet proof doors are sounding resistant, and this can range from light handguns to high caliber rifles many times. These specialty doors help meet specific requirements and objectives on various projects, including banks, financial institutions, government buildings, and courthouses, which require Bullet-resistant doors.

Bullet proof door


  • Bulletproof doors are built and shipped in the exact way as the drop in units preferred by business owners with the mechanism of drop-in security solution. The entry is only as good as the security system that will be integrated into various components. Each door system should be designed and built with that materials to stop Bullet and easy day to day operations.


  • Bullet resistant door is more useful when they are placed next to walls that are inherently Bullet resistant. This can be cinder block, brick, or poured concrete. If the wall is not that readily accessed and built, then it will need to be backed with Bullet resistant fiberglass. Windows near the doors need to be replaced with ballistic glass to ensure the proper ventilation and air movements.


  • Sound resistant doors are found in legal facilities, recording studios, in different sound enabled stages, and equipment rooms. These doors are designed and custom-built for each project and application. They are available in different sizes, patterns, dimensions and types determined by the application, engineering, and architectural requirements


  • Sound can flank over and under, with around a wall that travels through duct work designed plumbing, or corridors. Noise will travel between spaces and the unfilled places at the weakest points in these doors. These demerit points need to be improved before installing a soundproof or bullet proof door.


Thus, these doors are more preferred by the areas with high risk to prevent it from various mishaps occurring in those areas and places for safety.

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