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Ingrown/fungal nail treatment – Aftercare tips


Ingrown/fungal nail treatment – Aftercare tips

You must know that an Ingrown toenail could cause pain, redness, swelling, and warmth in the toe. An ingrown nail is when the nail is curved downward and grows into the skin. It is usually at the side of the nail, which could be irritating and painful.

Podiatrist in Naperville

The ingrown nail causes a break in the skin, and the main problem is that the bacteria may enter the skin. And it may cause an infection, which could lead to exudate draining from the area. The Ingrown/fungal nail treatment in Naperville, IL, could help you resolve this ingrown and fungal nail problem efficiently and quickly. 

The Podiatrist in Naperville perfectly examine your toe and select the treatment best suited for your treatment. The most common type of toe treatment includes oral antibiotics, surgery, permanent removal, and nail surgery. If an infection is present in the ingrown nail, then the podiatrist mainly prescribes oral antibiotics to reduce the infections.

A simple procedure is then performed in the clinic to ease the pain and remove the offending nail. To prevent an ingrown toenail’s recurrence, the Podiatrist in Naperville always prefers the permanent removal procedure. And it is a simple treatment, so you do not have to worry as it cures quickly within a few days. 

How to prevent ingrown toenails?

If you want to prevent ingrown toenails, you may go for Ingrown/fungal nail treatment in Naperville, IL, or follow some important tips. The common but important tips to follow to prevent the ingrown toenail are like you could trim your nails properly and avoid poorly-fitting shoes. You could cut your toenails in a fairly straight line avoid cutting them too short. And you must also avoid wearing shoes that are short or tight or lose because it could cause pressure on the toes. 

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