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What are the different categories of carbon Brushes?

Einhell Carbon Brushes


What are the different categories of carbon Brushes?

The electric motor brushes are essential parts of the generator and motors. The carbon brushes work as an electrical conductor, which passes the electrical current between the rotating wires and stationary.According to the different motor construction, you can find verities of carbon brushes in the market. 

Einhell Carbon Brushes

Sometimes you must have seen numerous carbon brushes in a generator or motor; it depends on the carbon brush type to have one or more carbon blocks or terminals. Usually, the brushes are made of carbon and copper material because of their low friction, capacity to resist arcing, and high contact resistance. Therefore, people mostly prefer Einhell Carbon Brushes across the world.

Various categories of Carbon Brushes

In the market, you can find many categories of carbon brushes for your electric generator. You can easily find Workzone Carbon Brushes. Here some of the categories are discussed. Please have a look at it.

• Electro graphites carbon brushes

These categories of brushes can deal with inorganic or organic type of materials, making them long-lasting. These carbon brushes are refined in high temperatures and excellent to use in commutators. 

• Metal graphites carbon brushes

These types of brushes are a combination of graphite and fine metal powders (copper, tin, silver, and lead). You can use this in infinite ways as it has low resistivity. 

• Carbon graphites carbon brushes

These categories of brushes are known as the first carbon brushes. You can merely use this in commutators as it generates high friction. It is applicable to use on older machines or slower machines.

• Graphite carbon brushes

These brushes are usually made up of binding artificial or natural graphite with pitch or resin. You can use this material in slip rings and commutators. 


After reading this blog, you must have got an idea of using the motor’s carbon brushes. This blog has also given you knowledge about the various categories of carbon brushes.

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