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Facts about Scars Caused By Acne


Facts about Scars Caused By Acne

Scars from acne are the result or outcome of the blemishes that are mainly caused by pores in the skin, which are caused due to bacteria, dead skin, and excess oil present in the skin. Acne can be a problem for you, but it is temporary because after some time it will automatically go away or else by treatment also your face can be free from acne. But the problem is about the scars that are caused due to acne if you don’t take proper care of the skin when you get acne than the scars in your face may become permanent.

Skin Care Clinic

The scars which are caused by injury or wounds can go away, but the scar caused by acne is difficult to go. If there is a rupture that occurs near the surface of the skin, it is usually a minor lesion, and it can heal quickly. But if there is a serious lesion in the follicle wall, then the infected material gets spread out and destroys the skin, which is healthy. To get rid of a scar, you go to a proper skin care clinic.

There mainly two types of scar caused by acne

1) Keloid scar

This scar is mainly caused when your body produces a large amount of collagen while the wounds are healing, which is caused by acne.

2) Depressed or atrophic scar

Whenever there is a loss of tissue, these scars are caused. There are mainly two of them. One is “Icepick” scars, which are very small but can create holes in the skin.” boxcar” which are oval and round, and it looks like scars that are caused due to chicken treat this types of scar acne scars treatment in Karachi are the best. They provide the best treatment globally, and the price charged by them is very nominal, which every person can afford.

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